Protection and restoration of habitat

The protection and restoration of habitat also includes the investments in order to conserve botanical and animal species present in a certain area and the conservation of a whole biome.
Habitat restoration (reconstruction, rehabilitation) is an intervention with the aim of restoring a slightly or moderately degraded area mostly by facilitating natural progressions. The smaller developments of habitat conversions also belong to this project unit.

Project subtypes:
  • Restoration of meadows, grasslands and grazing pastures
  • Rehabilitation of wetlands


  Infrastructural development for the forest school


  1.   Rehabilitation of ‘Old Lake’ (Öreg tó) in Ludányhalász
  2.   Pély- Ludas habitat restoration (Stage 2)
  3.   Habitat restoration in Borsodi Mezőség (Ramsari) area
  4.   Hilly meadows habitat restoration at BNPI
  5.   Mountain meadows habitat restoration at BNPI